Connect Alias AR-Cluster Sysop Manual

The Alias Configuration menu allows the sysop to set up an alias for connecting stations. The alias takes the callsign used in the connection and replaces it with another callsign used for the network and display. This feature is often needed when using Texnet and NetRom connections.


A table of known alias is presented showing the alias: number, connection call, system call and comment. The connection call is the call sign connecting to the node. This is the call coming into the system from externally. The system call is the translated call and is used internally and presented to the rest of the cluster network. An optional comment field exists for documentation.


Clicking the new button allows the creation of new alias calls. Clicking on the left column in the alias display grid, allows for editing and deletion of alias calls.


Calls logging into AR-Cluster with a SSID of 15 are automatically entered into the alias table with a connection call of CALL-15 and a system call of CALL.