Connect Scripts AR-Cluster Sysop Manual

Connection scripts are available to handle connection across system requiring several hops with specific connect strings to get to the destination node.   Selecting (Dir *.SCP) from the script list refreshes the combo directory listing with all files ending with the SCP.  Script files are located in the Configuration folder. 


Connection scripts are available to handle connection across system requiring several hops with specific connect strings to get to the destination node.  Connect scripts are complex and require a custom connection script for each installation.  We recommend you read this section carefully and modify one of the sample scripts.


The following table details script commands.





Prints a string to the Log window.  Useful for status and debug of connect scripts


Used to disconnect a station.  This is usually done prior to the execution of the script, just in case the first hop is still connected.



The connect command starts the connection to the first station. 


CONNECT     DestCall, ViaCall, TncDriver&Port, Timeout(sec)

DestCall is the call of the final station you are connecting to

ViaCall is the call of the first station you connect to

TncDriver&Port is the ARC TNC and port, ie AGW1, AGW2, BPQ1, etc

Timeout is the timeout for the whole script in seconds, set this to the amount of time it takes to transverse the chain of stations you are linking thru.



Command to wait for a specific string to be returned such as “*** CONNECTED”, “ok” or the specific command that is returned by your system indicating a successful connection to that particular node in the chain.  The script engine takes care of case sensitivity.  The match can occur anywhere in the string.


WAITFOR      String




Transmits a ascii string to the connected station


XMIT         String


XMIT         Connect NWAROK51


Executes a AR-Cluster command.  Not generally used in scripts but there if needed.




The “;” character can be used to indicate comments and empty lines are ignores in the command processing.


Scripts are located in the Configuration directory and use the file extent of “SCP”.  When AR-Cluster boots, it loads available scripts from the directory into the combo list shown on the connections tab screen.


Before you program a script, you need to know the details about the system you are connecting into.  You will need to manually connect to the system to see the steps necessary for each connect point.


To add a custom script to AR-Cluster, copy one of the supplied scripts, rename it to the call of the first station that you are connecting to, customize the script for your particular use and re-start AR-Cluster.  If the name of the script is the first station that you connect to so AR-Cluster will issue a disconnect just in case the original connection is still hanging.  You can edit the script while AR-Cluster is running.   Take small steps to debug your script and use the PRINT command to give you feedback as to each step in the connect process.


When you select a script and hit the Connect button, the script loads into and starts executing from memory.   The Connect command starts the connection and also start the time out timer.  If the script does not complete before the timeout, the engine will attempt to disconnect the first connected station (ViaCall).  The script engine continues processing commands until it executes a WAITFOR command at which point it waits for the indicated line of text to be returned from the connected station.  Upon completion of all scripts, the script engine will add the designated call as a connection and it will show up in the connections tree-view.


As the script processes commands, it echo data to the log window.  Received data is printed tagged with a "RX:".  Data transmitted with the XMIT command gets listed as "AGW TX:" or "BPQ TX:"


Scripts can be ran from the command line or the scheduler with the CONNECT/SCRIPT Call command.




Connection script from GB7BIG to GB7MBC

;    Script file GB7MBC.SCP

;    Connection script from GB7BIG to GB7MBC via one switch

;    IMPORTANT!!  You must set-up the Alias in ARC

;    Connection callsign is the first Via Callsign  (G6CRV-7)

;    System callsign is the destination Callsign    (GB7MBC)

;    In the Scheduler add the command If-Not-Connected-To GB7MBC



PRINT          Starting connection to GB7MBC

CONNECT     GB7MBC, G6CRV-7, AGW3, 120

WAITFOR     *** CONNECTED With Station G6CRV-7

PRINT          Connected to G6CRV-7


PRINT         Attempting to hop to GB7MBC

XMIT           DXC

WAITFOR     Connected to GB7MBC

PRINT          Connected to GB7MBC