User Messages AR-Cluster Sysop Manual

AR-Cluster support sysop programmable messages for the following messages:  AGW, BPQ, Telnet, New User, One-Time, Logout, DX Block and Announce Block.  Messages are stored in the database and can be customized as needed.  Messages are setup in the Cfg>IoDevices menu and selecting the message to edit.  The selection is usually enabled by pressing the “…” button.


Various tags and macros are used to customize and direct the messages to specific events.  Lines in the messages starting with the “;” character are treated as comments.  Macros are defined with the “%” character and contain data that’s filled in during the message process.    Defined macros are:





Name of operator


Callsign of station


Location of the station


LatLon of the station


HomeNode for the station


The last login for the station


Substitutes a special message to that user when he logs into the system.  The message is configured in the Cfg>Login>Messages dialog.  Custom messages can be tailored for each user.



Send the latest WWV data


Send the latest Weather data


Send a random tip


Sends a one time message to all users logging into the node.  The system compares the last login time for the user with the last modification time for the file.  If the date of the file is later that the last login date/time then the file will be sent to the user logging into the node.


Node Call




Builds a string like:  "Since Oct 2001 the AB5K-2 node has processed 220,830 DX spots"



























A very simple login message might be:

Hello %Name%

Welcome to the Bee Cave, Texas Packet Cluster Node


Messages can also be tagged to the operating mode (Normal, Contest and Special) of the node.  Tags allow the sysop to alert the user logging into the node as to the operating mode.  A message prefixed by a tag operator will only be sent if it matches the current operating mode.  During contests you may want to run a very short login to reduce channel bandwidth.


[N] tags are only sent in normal mode

[C] tags are only sent in contest mode

[S] tags are only sent in special mode (emergency operations, etc)


The following example demonstrates a sample login messages:


; Comments start with ";" and are ignored

[N]Hello %Name% (%Call%)

Welcome to the Bee Cave, Texas AR-Cluster Node,

serving West Austin and the Lake Travis area on

145.63 MHz and the rest of the world via Telnet.

[C]Contest mode in operation.

[S]Emergency operations in process.



[N]Your last login was %LastLogin%




The edit screens for the messages are set up with a fixed font and a maximum of 79 characters wide so the sysop can see how the message would be formatted on the users screen.



AGW Messages


Each AGW connect port has a separate login message allowing a custom message for each port.  If you use the AGW TCPIP connection to a remote AGW instance, each remote instance/port can be configured with a separate login message.  



BPQ Messages


Each BPQ connect port has a separate login message allowing a custom message for each port.  The exception is the rare instance where a node runs BPQ in both Application and Node support.  When running BPQ in both Application and Node Support, the BPQ switch always returns a port of zero for the connection.   The reason for this is if the user connects via another netrom-style node, then the port is returned as zero, because the actual port used for a node to node link is determined dynamically via the BPQ netrom routing mechanism.  Thus when using both Application and Node support in BPQ you get only one login message and it’s programmed as port zero.



Telnet Message


The Telnet message is the message that is sent to users who telnet into your node.  



New User Message


The New User message is used to direct a special message to first time connections to the node.   This message can contain additional information such as welcoming the user to the cluster and giving him some instructions to get him started.  A sample New User message might be:


This packet cluster node is dedicated to amateur radio

DXing and contesting. Type help for a list of commands.



One-Time Message


The One-Time message is used to send a message to all users who log onto the node but the message is sent only once.  It can be used to announce a upcoming club event or a update in software capabilities.



Logout Message


The Logout message is configured by Cfg>IoDevices>LogoutMsg.   The User Logout message is sent to users when they disconnect from the node.  A typical logout message might be:

See you later %Name%      %DateTime%     73 de %NodeCall%



DX Block Message


The DX-Block message is sent to any user who makes a DX spot and his call is blocked from making DX spots (Cfg>UserLocal>Callsign>Switches>BlockDx).



Announce Block Message


The Announce-Block message is sent to any user who makes n announcement spot and his call is blocked from making announcement spots (Cfg>UserLocal>Callsign>Switches>BlockAnnouncements).