Installation  AR-Cluster Sysop Manual

AR-Cluster runs on 32-bit Windows platforms of Windows 95®, Windows 98®, Windows NT® Workstation, Windows NT® Server and Windows 2000.  Sysops running NT should install NT Service Pack 5 later.  Minimum screen resolution requirements are 800 X 600.  Recommended memory requirements are 64 Meg.  Recommended free hard-drive space is 200 Meg.  All testing has been conducted on English versions of Windows operating systems.  The status of running AR-Cluster on non-English versions of Windows is documented in the Internationalization section of this manual.


AR-Cluster is installed using the standard Windows installation package.  Make sure you have installed Internet Explorer 6.0 before installing AR-Cluster.  Run the AR-Cluster setup program on the supplied CD or copy the supplied files into a temporary directory and then run the setup program.  Follow the instructions supplied.  You may be asked to re-boot your computer in the middle of the installation.  It is normal to see a percent progress report exceeding 100 percent when the installation is complete.  After you complete the installation of the program, copy your license file (License.Art for AR-Cluster, License.arl for AR-Cluster Lite) into the folder where the program files were installed. 


The Microsoft installer use for AR-Cluster claims that Win 95 and 98 installs will also need to install the Microsoft DCOM98.


The AR-Cluster installation also installs the latest AGW and BPQ drivers for connecting into RF/TNC devices.  The installation creates the following directory structure:







AGW Packet Engine


BPQ32 Packet Engine Switch


Script configuration files


Archive files


Buckmaster Callsign Database files


Bulletin files


Callbook Database files


Files storage


QRZ Callbook search files


AR-Cluster Database files


Debug and monitoring files


Documentation files


Sysop Manual


Users Manaul


System files




Multi-media Wave files


Database XML export files



Start the application using the following:  Start > Programs > AR-Technology > AR-Cluster.  The program will launch displaying the AR-Cluster splash screen.  After a few seconds, the main menu will appear.  As you resize the main application, all sub-controls, windows and tabs are re-sized automatically.  Be sure and set up your station parameters before placing your node on the air.  The program may be shipped with a database containing a small amount of real data captured from the cluster network. 


When installing a new version of AR-Cluster make sure the node call is setup for remote sysop by doing a CFG>User(Local) enter you call with no SSID and set your filters.  These filters effect what is displayed on the output Window.  Also make sure you check the remote sysop box so you can do remote sysop commands from the console. 


When shutting down AR-Cluster, a built-in delay is added to allow attached communication devices to disconnect from their appropriate users and nodes.  This delay varies based on the number of nodes and users attached to the system.


The AR-Cluster User Manual contains help on user commands and can be copied and distributed to the users of your node.  It can also be published to your web site or your clubs web site.  The only thing we ask is that you also include a link back to the AR-Technology web site at