Internationalization  AR-Cluster Sysop Manual


The AR-Cluster code base follows the MS Guidelines for developing a Internationalized product.  There are a few known issues when dealing with the various flavors of Windows found on a international basis.  Since we do not have access to non-US windows operating systems and since we do not speak any other language other than English the operations on other non-US operating systems is considered as-is.  We will take bug reports but generally do not have any way of reproducing them.  Here are some reported results from sysop running non-US versions of windows.  If you are running AR-Cluster under a non-US version of Windows, please report your experiences and we will publish them here.


British Windows:


Report no issues



RA6CO&RA6AZ SYSOP'S AR-Cluster node RN6BN:

Running W2K Russian Edition

First of all install the type of language english-american and then in AR-Cluster set the date format = dddd.MMMM dd,yyyy  and time format = HH:mm:ss



There are reported issues running under Japanese Windows.  I believe this is due to the double byte character set used in Japanese Windows.  The Japanese sysops are running US Windows.