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Information on the N8NOE DMR  Repeater.


                            ( UPDATE: COORDINATION 2/7/2017 Change.)


                                     Repeater Frequency


        442.8375  /  447.8375 MHz

                                 ( If in Analog mode please use 67hz PL tone )



Color Code: 1 ( All Via this Repeater )




Time Slot: 1


(ON) Group Call: 3126 = Michigan Statewide (DMRX)

(PTT) Group Call: 1 = DMR-MARC Worldwide

(PTT) Group Call: 3 = DMR-MARC North America

(PTT) Group Call: 13 = DMR-MARC Worldwide EN

(PTT) Group Call: 91 = BM Worldwide

(PTT) Group Call: 93 = BM North America

(PTT) Group Call: 113 = DMR-MARC Worldwide EN (UA113)


(PTT) Group Call: 123 = DMR-MARC Worldwide EN (UA123)


(PTT) Group Call: 310 = TAC-310

(PTT) Group Call: 311 = TAC-311

(PTT) Group Call: 312 = TAC-312

(PTT) Group Call: 313 = TAC-313

(PTT) Group Call: 314 = TAC-314

(PTT) Group Call: 315 = TAC-315

(PTT) Group Call: 316 = TAC-316

(PTT) Group Call: 317 = TAC-317

(PTT) Group Call: 318 = TAC-318

(PTT) Group Call: 319 = TAC-319

(PTT) Group Call: 3100 = Bridge-3100

(PTT) Group Call: 3139 = Ohio (DMRX)


(PTT) Group Call: 3142 = Pennsylvania (DMRX)


(PTT) Group Call: 3148 = Texas (LonestarNet)


(PTT) Group Call: 3167 = ALLSTAR Link Group


(PTT) Group Call: 5000 = Clear Time Slot 1

(PTT) Group Call: 31089 = Hytera USA (BrandMeister)


(PTT) Group Call: 31098 = Area-8 (BrandMeister)

(PTT) Group Call: 31124 = South East Florida Group (Local-2 in FLA)


(PTT) Group Call: 8951 = TAC-1

(PTT) Group Call: 9998 = DMRX Parrot


Time Slot: 2

(ON) Group Call: 312655 = Local (Repeater ID)

NOW LINKED to BrandMeister TG: 312655



(PTT) Group Call: 2 = Detroit Local-1 (DCI) to W8CMC Repeater

        ** Detroit Local-1 NET is on Friday night, or as needed.

             This PTT Activation is 1hr Duration once Brought up,

            PLEASE Clear the TimeSlot when done or after POST-NET


(PTT) Group Call: 5000 = Clear Time Slot 2




Static TS/1: 3126, 9 ( Michigan or Group 9 Local Talk)

Static TS/2: 312655  ( Local Talk or N8NOE's Repeater ID )


   If your using a Hot-Spot and connect to BrandMeister, you can connect to this repeater on Talk Group 312655 and be going out via RF on the Local-2 Slot and keep in touch.

   The Groups listed as Static above, are on FULL TIME and there is NO NEED to PTT (Kerchunk) to activate them, If you have a Memory set as listed.

  The Repeater is NOT Set to Allow Passing of GPS and Texting information, Trying to get this through cBridge but looks like it may not be available soon.Feel Free to test with those.

Well, how do I unlink from a TalkGroup? Simply send 5000 as a private call. The loud lady will announce “Unlinked”.



Quick Guide to use Random (Non Programed) Talk Groups.



Using TEXT from Hytera to MOTO and back



Projected Coverage Area, And pretty Close from all testing now. (Click to Enlarge)



Radios here are:

For Best preformance and functions, please update your Firmware.


* All Hytera Radios and Repeater here are running V8.00.09.001*

2x Hytera PD782G (Handheld )

Hytera PD682G ( Handheld )

Hytera MD782G (Mobile)



* Motorola Radios are running R02.60.05*

Motorola XPR7550e (Handheld MotoTRBO)

Motorola XPR8400 ( MotoTRBO Repeater )

2x - Motorola SL7550 (Handhelds MotoTRBO)



* Hot-Spot Firmware DVMEGA HR3.07*

Raspberry Pi 3 running a DVMEGA Board and MMDVM Host



MMDVM Host Page if your on the local WiFi System






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