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Welcome to my Cigar Page, Here is some information on what is all here.


MY Humidor is a (Custome Made) Avallo Cool 2000- Humidity & Temperature Controlled

Mine is in Cherry Wood, Stained to Mahogony, With all Brass Hardware.

(( My Humidor Arrived 3:00pm 08/29/2012 so readings below should start making more sense soon))

Measures:    22" (55.8cm) Wide    x    25" (63.5cm) Deep    x     48" (122cm) Tall


This was taken 10-30-2015

(( Waiting for more to make it in to Add))

Beginings of my S.T.DuPont Ligne 2 Lighters Collection


Although "ideal" temperature/humidity for cigars is supposedly, 70° temperature / 70% humidity, your cigars are actually better off at a cooler temperature. 62° to 65° is quite acceptable and will help prevent mold. Mixes of 62°/72%, 63°/68%, even 65°/65% are fine. If you can maintain 70° / 70% with no problems, more power to you. Just remember that the lower the temp, the higher the humidity you need to maintain proper moisture content. The higher the temp, the less humidity. In general, keeping your humidor in a relatively cool place is a good idea.


Software and Files that may help

iFicionado PPC ZIP-File (Non Intel Mac's)

iHerf (OSX Desktop)

CigarBriefcase1.2Eng (PC)


Cigar Referance Information (FileMaker 12)

My Humidor.bentoTemplate (Bento Template with Data)

Tobacco Inventory Spreadsheet (XLSM)

Cigar Dossier 1.2 (Microsoft Access Data-base)


((NOTE: After SALT TEST, Humidity is reading Lower than is actually is

But WeatherCat is allowing for Calibration ))

Here is a Graph on the Conditions inside




Humidor Information Generated By WeatherCat Weather for OSX



Wind Chill