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Getting Your Instrument to us



Protection From Damage

  • Have a minimum of 3 inches of packing material between the unit and the inside wall of the box.

  • Soft foam is the much preferred packing material; bubble wrap and packaging peanuts are acceptable.  When using peanuts, a layer of bubble wrap should be laid down across the peanuts next to the unit.  The peanuts need to be packed tightly before closing the box.  This will protect the unit from shifting or sinking to the bottom while in transit.

  • The shipping box should be in good condition with no tears, holes or bends in the cardboard








Documentation with Shipment
  • Please be sure to include a repair order or shipping document in the box.
  • On the repair order or shipping document please include
    Service requested. i.e. bench check, overhaul, repair, exchange, etc.
  • Description of unit's malfunction if applicable
  • Your contact & shipping information including phone, fax, and return shipping address.
  • Preferred method of return shipment
  • For Rush Orders Indicate on the repair order that this is a Rush and include the date unit is needed.


Shipping Companies

  • UPS and Fedex have routine pickup and deliveries at Metro Aircraft.

  • Other providers are acceptable and provide service on request.


Shipping Questions?
  • If you have a shipping question, please contact our shipping and receiving supervisor.
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